If a LASIK procedure is something you have been considering but always seem to put off, the forthcoming summer is a great reason to put LASIK back on your radar. A LASIK procedure is fast, relatively painless, and carries with it little downtime, meaning you could experience crisp clear vision just in time for all of that fun in the sun.

Here are some great reasons to get you excited for a summer of fun without the burden of glasses or contact lenses.


Traveling with glasses or contacts is simply a hassle. They’re just one more thing you have to remember and if you do forget, you suffer for it. Did you remember your case? Contact solution? Your old backup glasses just to be safe? LASIK surgery can help take some of the stress out of traveling.

A vacation just isn’t a vacation if it’s a struggle to enjoy it, ensure you can see the sea on your next beach trip and every trip thereafter for that matter.

Outdoor Activities

Is the weather getting warmer? Then like most of us, you’re likely looking forward to getting to spend more time outdoors. LASIK can enable you to enjoy all of your favorite outdoor activities without the constant worry of losing your glasses or having a contact fall out.

Glasses can prove difficult to wear during active sports and contacts can be problematic when it comes to water activities. But LASIK can enable you to run, jump, and swim without hesitation.

Reduce Allergy Symptoms

If you suffer from seasonal allergies, then you know that spring and summer can be difficult times of year to enjoy being outdoors. If you’re busy sneezing and dealing with your itchy and irritated eyes, you’re likely to not enjoy yourself.

While LASIK cannot address your allergies, it CAN help lessen the symptoms for the wearers of contact lenses. When your eyes are dry and red, the last thing you want is to be wearing contacts that can exacerbate your symptoms.


LASIK is SAFER than contact lens wear over a lifetime.  There are real risks to contact lenses including infection, scarring and permanent loss of vision.  Risks of loss of vision from contacts are statistically higher than LASIK!

The Little Things

  • Spend a sunny afternoon immersed in a book without searching for your glasses first.
  • Grab those stylish sunglasses now, you don’t need a prescription anymore.
  • Go to bed or take a nap without having to remember to take out your contacts.
  • Wake up every morning with confidence knowing you can enjoy your day to the fullest.

Bonus: LASIK Saves Money

A LASIK procedure might seem expensive at first but in time could save you a bundle. The cost of continually changing prescriptions, lenses, solutions, or backup glasses really do add up. LASIK vision correction is less expensive than a life of contacts or glasses; just like renting a home is more expensive than owning a home long-term.

Every Day is the Right Day for LASIK

The truth is, there is no better time than the present to finally achieve clear vision and enjoy all of the life-changing benefits that come with it. LASIK surgery is common, safe, and effective and there are millions of people who will testify to that. If you feel like you’re finally ready to take the next step, call or contact ADV Vision today to schedule a free consultation. Together we can discuss treatment options, desired results, and plot a course to better vision.