Choosing the Best IOL (Intraocular Lens) After Cataract Surgery

Which IOL is best for you?

An IOL, short for Intraocular Lens, is a small artificial lens for the eye. Think surgically implanted contact lenses. They can provide all of the benefits of traditional contacts and glasses without any of the maintenance. Typically used for patients having gone through cataract surgery or diagnosed with Myopia. An IOL is surgically implanted beneath the cornea and replaces or supports the eye’s natural lens.

There are multiple IOL’s to choose from, each providing a specific benefit for your vision. Your physician will likely have a recommendation, but you may ultimately have to decide for yourself which IOL will best serve your needs.

MonoFocal IOL –

Also known as a Traditional IOL, a MonoFocal IOL is the most commonly used for lens replacement and will provide vision enhancement for a single distance (near or far) depending on your needs. While typically used to improve distance vision and paired with the use of reading glasses when needed for near vision. It is possible to use two different MonoFocal IOL’s for each eye. This Monovision would mean using a near vision IOL and a distance vision IOL in each eye.

The most common IOL used, the MonoFocal IOL is for those who wish to have improved distance vision and do not mind relying on reading glasses or bifocals for close-up vision.

MultiFocal IOL –

These IOL’s can provide a higher level of clarity for vision at multiple distances. Near, far, and everything in between. They do so by having different areas of the lens being set to different powers. MultiFocal IOL’s come with a compromise however, patients typically have to sacrifice some of their distance vision clarity to achieve this common ground.

These IOL’s are best suited for those with a more active lifestyle. MultiFocal IOL’s will allow patients to maintain adequate near and far vision without reliance on reading glasses or bifocals.

Toric IOL –

The Toric IOL was created specifically for treating cataract patients with astigmatism. Much like the MonoFocal IOL, the Toric IOL is used to correct near and far vision for astigmatic patients but not both. They are designed to be aligned in the patient’s eye for precise astigmatism correction.

Toric IOL’s are typically recommended for patients with corneal astigmatism.

Aspheric IOL –

A premium IOL, an Aspheric IOL is specifically designed to match the natural shape of the patient’s eye. This option is best chosen when a traditional IOL cannot be used due to the curvature of the natural lens. Aspheric IOL’s come in both MonoFocal and MultiFocal.

For patients who are not best suited for traditional IOL’s.

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Determining which IOL is best for you will depend on many things and no single IOL should be considered best. But understanding your options is a great start. Your surgeon will be the best resource when trying to determine which IOL will work for you. Together you can determine your needs and goals, as well as have your prescription and overall eye health evaluated.

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