Vision is one of our most precious senses, so it’s only natural to approach treatments like LASIK with caution. At ADV Vision, we understand and share your concerns. It’s our mission to ensure that every LASIK procedure is as safe and effective as possible. Here’s how we prioritize your eye health and peace of mind. 

1. Comprehensive Pre-Surgery Evaluations 

Not everyone is a suitable candidate for LASIK, and recognizing this is the first step toward ensuring safety. Our thorough evaluations include: 

  • A detailed medical history review. 
  • Precise measurements of your eye’s curvature, thickness, and other crucial dimensions. 
  • A thorough eye health examination to detect any conditions that might affect LASIK’s outcomes. 
  • A recommendation made by the surgeon specific to the needs of your eye  

By ensuring you’re a right candidate for LASIK, we set the stage for a successful procedure. 

2. Cutting-Edge Technology 

In the realm of eye surgery, technology plays a pivotal role. At ADV Vision: 

  • We utilize the latest LASIK technologies, ensuring precision, accuracy, and reduced recovery times. 
  • We use laser assisted technology to create the corneal flap not a manual incision  
  • Our machines come equipped with features that track eye movements, ensuring the laser remains on target even if you slightly move during the procedure. 

3. Experienced Surgeons 

The expertise of the surgeon is paramount. Our team comprises seasoned professionals who have: 

  • Undergone extensive training. 
  • Performed thousands of LASIK procedures. 
  • A commitment to ongoing education, ensuring they’re updated with the latest in ophthalmology best practices. 

4. Stringent Post-Operative Care 

The care you receive after the procedure is just as crucial as the surgery itself. Our post-operative protocol includes: 

  • Regular check-ups to monitor healing and visual improvement. 
  • Clear guidelines on post-surgery dos and don’ts. 
  • Rapid response to any concerns or questions you might have. 

5. Patient Education 

An informed patient is an empowered one. We take the time to: 

  • Educate you about the LASIK procedure, its benefits, and potential risks. 
  • Provide a clear picture of what to expect during and after surgery. 
  • Answer any questions, ensuring you’re comfortable and confident in your decision. 
  • Ensure your personal lifestyle and vision goals align with the recommendations our surgeons make  


At ADV Vision, your eye health and well-being are our top priorities. We’ve fused experience, technology, and a deep commitment to patient care to make LASIK as safe and effective as possible. If you’ve been considering LASIK but have reservations, we invite you to speak with our team. Together, we can illuminate the path to clearer vision, addressing any concerns along the way.