What to Keep in Mind When Choosing a LASIK Surgeon

If you are looking into a corrective eye surgery to correct your vision problems, you might be wondering about LASIK. LASIK eye surgery is a common procedure with minimal downtime. It could have you seeing 20/20 in just a day!

With so many options out there (and just as many advertisements), choosing a LASIK eye surgeon can be intimidating. There are several factors that can help you narrow down your search. 

ADV Vision suggests to keep these things in mind while choosing a LASIK surgeon:

How Many Years has the Surgeon Been Practicing LASIK Surgery?

An experienced LASIK surgeon with many years of practice under their belt will likely have performed thousands of eye correction surgeries. This experience shows a level of expertise that you should consider when making your decision.

What are the LASIK Surgeon’s Credentials?

The LASIK surgeon you choose for your procedure should have a combination of education, certifications, and memberships. A proper education will ensure that the surgeon has completed the proper training and has a license to practice medicine. Beyond that, board certifications mean the surgeon has been certified to practice his or her speciality. 

Many board-certified physicians are required to complete specific training and continuing education to keep up-to-date with practices associated with their speciality. For example, there have been advancements in LASIK that ADV Vision specializes in, including:

  • Custom Wavefront LASIK
  • All Laser LASIK with Z-LASIK Z
  • Monovision LASIK
  • CATz Topography-Assisted LASIK

You LASIK surgeon should be keeping up with the advanced LASIK technologies and have a track record of successful surgeries.

Where is the LASIK Surgeon Located?

When selecting a LASIK surgeon, you are going to want to ensure that you are close to your home, a friend, or a relative, as you cannot drive immediately after surgery. You will also be required to return to the doctor’s office for follow up appointments, so a close proximity is necessary. 

LASIK Surgeon Referrals from Family and Friends

With hundreds of thousands of LASIK procedures being performed every year in the United States, it is not uncommon to know one or two (or more!) friends or family members who have undergone the surgery. They might have had a great experience with a surgeon who is qualified, experienced, and close to home. 

Does Your LASIK Surgeon Have a Great Support Staff?

While searching for a LASIK surgeon, it is important to also feel comfortable around their staff. The staff should be friendly, competent, and patient, among other things. Do you feel uncomfortable asking simple questions, or bringing up billing concerns? No matter how experienced or close to home the surgeon is, if your overall feeling is one of discomfort, they might not be the right choice for you.

Only the Best LASIK Surgeons for California’s Central Coast

ADV Vision is proud to serve Central Coast LASIK patients with the most advanced laser eye surgery technology. Our industry-leading surgeons are experts in the field of laser eye surgery and take pride in providing patients with safe, affordable LASIK options. 

Contact us today for a free LASIK consultation, valued at $200, at our Paso Robles, Santa Maria, or San Luis Obisbo office locations. We are sure you will feel confident in choosing a LASIK surgeon at ADV Vision for your own corrective eye surgery.