Undergoing LASIK eye surgery to improve your vision is relatively quick, easy, and painless. This is why so many people are getting some form of laser eye surgery today. Even if they are not an ideal candidate for LASIK, there are other types of laser surgeries like PRK and implantable contact lenses.

The important thing to remember is that laser eye surgery is still surgery and there are specific dos and don’ts after laser eye surgery which you will want to follow during your LASIK surgery recovery period or other laser surgery recovery period.

1. Do follow your surgeon’s instructions.

Your surgeon will give you specific aftercare instructions along with other restrictions after laser eye surgery. Make sure to follow these to ensure successful healing and recovery.

2. Do use medications and eye drops as prescribed.

If your eye surgeon prescribed medications or eye drops, take them as recommended and do not discontinue using them unless directed by your surgeon.

3. Do take time to rest your eyes.

Even though you may be wired and full of energy after your laser surgery, it is important to rest your eyes and give them time to heal.

4. Don’t use any electronic devices.

You will need to put the phone done, shut off the tablet, leave the TV off, and stay off the computer for at least 24-48 hours post-surgery. Video screens can strain the eyes and cause them to dry out. Even after this waiting period, you may need to use lubricating eye drops for a short time until the eyes are fully healed.

5. Don’t try to read a book, magazine, or other printed materials.

You should avoid any type of print media as well during your recovery period. Your eyes have to focus on the text, and this can place a strain on the eyes.

6. Don’t take a shower.

You can take a bath but not a shower because the water and steam from the shower are not good for your eye post-surgery. You should also avoid steam rooms, saunas, and swimming pools.

7. Do use UV-protective sunglasses.

Your eyes will be sensitive post-surgery like when having them dilatated. You want to avoid bright light outdoors and indoors until the eyes heal.

Beautiful woman wearing sunglasses and hat near blue wooden

8. Don’t wear eye makeup.

You should not use any eye makeup for about a week or so after your laser eye surgery.

9. Don’t play sports or exercise.

This is one time you are given a free pass to skip exercising or playing sports for a few weeks to a month, depending on the type of exercise and sport.

10. Do go to all follow-up appointments with your eye surgeon.

You will have a follow-up visit the day after your surgery. It is not uncommon to have another follow-up in about 3-4 weeks post-surgery, and another follow-up at 6 months. These appointments monitor the healing process to ensure it is proceeding correctly.

By taking care of your eyes following your laser eye surgery and following the recommended aftercare and restrictions during your LASIK surgery recovery period or other laser surgery recovery period, you will have the best results.

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