If you’ve been relying on contact lenses, now may be the time to consider laser eye surgery for permanent vision correction. LASIK surgery has been performed for more than two decades. Advancements have made it extremely safe and effective. Here are a few reasons you should consider LASIK vs. contacts in 2021.

Reduced Risk of Infection

Contact lens wearers sometimes keep them in for a week or month at a time. Constantly wearing them, including while asleep, increases the risk of bacterial infections. A serious eye infection or even a corneal ulcer can lead to vision loss. While there is some risk, the infection rate among people who’ve had LASIK eye surgery is much lower than for those who wear contacts.

LASIK Has Numerous Benefits

LASIK can not only improve nearsightedness or farsightedness. It is also used to treat astigmatism and can improve night vision. Some studies have found some contact lens wearers experienced a worsening of night vision over a couple of years. Dry eye is also common with wearing contacts, which may be alleviated after laser surgery.

LASIK Has Become More Affordable

If you factor in what you spend over a decade, corrective eye surgery can be more practical in terms of cost. In fact, you may spend as much as $6,000 over 10 years, according to Marketscope Eye Research. If you are asking yourself what the cost of LASIK is in comparison, LASIK costs around $2,000 per eye. This is quite a consideration if you’ve been avoiding surgery because you thought it would be too expensive.

Overall Safety

Safety is a major consideration with contact lenses or LASIK. Rather than repeatedly taking contacts in and out of your eye, LASIK is a one-time procedure, and it is safe. An advanced tracking system follows every eye movement, but your eye will be numbed and you’ll be asked to look at a light to keep it in position. Your eye will be kept open with a lid speculum. A precise femtosecond laser is used to cut a corneal flap. The cornea is reshaped and the flap placed where it will heal on its own, without any stitches.

Get Ready for Your Procedure

If you are planning to have laser eye surgery, you must stop wearing contact lenses for up to four weeks before consulting with your surgeon. Contacts can make measuring your cornea difficult because they can change its shape. Therefore, plan so there are fewer chances of delays in scheduling your surgery.

Schedule Your Consultation Today

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