Great news: When it comes to correcting your vision, there are several options available to you. The one you choose will depend on your individual vision requirements, as well as your lifestyle. Join us as we take a look at the pros and cons of glasses, contacts, and laser eye surgery.


This most frequently chosen method of vision correction offers many benefits; anyone of any age can get and wear glasses. Glasses can also be created for the purpose of correcting every type of vision issue. In addition, glasses are incredibly easy to maintain and use and offer added eye protection to the wearer.

Thanks to the availability of prescription sunglasses, those who wear glasses don’t need to worry about vision loss when they wish to protect their eyes from the sun.

For some, however, glasses may not offer the most benefit. They may not provide a desirable or fashionable look, nor may glasses be a person’s first choice when they want to see clearly. Glasses can also be inconvenient because they cannot be used in water or while participating in many activities.

A pair of glasses creates an unnatural barrier that some find uncomfortable, and more than one pair may be needed, which increases overall costs.


Contacts were the first product to enter the market that offered an alternative to glasses. Not only do contacts allow for vision correction to occur directly on the eye, but these products offer an improved field of vision.

Contacts also allow the wearer to be more active, and they don’t require the purchase of prescription sunglasses. As well, they’re a great option for people who dislike the look, feel, and cost of glasses.

Yet, contacts are not suitable for all ages. As well, swimming is not possible with contacts. They also cannot permanently correct your vision, and they need to be cleaned and replaced repeatedly. Yearly eye exams are required, and dry eyes can develop in the wearer.

Another common complaint is the increased risk of eye infections due to frequent insertion and removal and neglecting to wash the hands before touching eyes and lenses.

Should a contact lens wearer get an eye infection, they must not only stop wearing the lenses, but also discard already-worn pairs, along with the cleaning case and any contact solution. This can result in an increased cost to purchase clean lenses and items necessary for maintenance.

Laser Eye Surgery

Since the first LASIK surgeries in the late 1980s and early 1990s, laser eye surgery has continued to evolve. Today, there are not only several different options for correcting vision problems with lasers, but most take only a few minutes to complete. As well, the improvements from refractive surgery can be noticed in the first 24 to 48 hours.

Those who get laser eye surgery enjoy many benefits. Most never need contacts or glasses again because laser surgery offers permanent vision correction. LASIK is ideal for active people who want to enjoy swimming and other activities without worry. This type of surgery also provides the freedom to wear non-prescription sunglasses.

Because LASIK is a surgery, it does carry certain risks and potential side effects. Some people who undergo LASIK can also develop dry eyes. However, these risks and side effects are largely minimal and occur rarely. Your laser eye doctor will discuss these with you in detail.

Are you concerned about LASIK cost? The upfront cost of the procedure can seem prohibitive, but there are options for reducing LASIK price. ADV Vision is a strong believer in affordable care that allows everyone to get the treatment they need. Special deals and financing options are great ways to lower your anticipated LASIK cost, making the surgery even more worthwhile.

doctor examining Kid's eyes with a measurement machine.

Contacts or LASIK: Which One Is Best for You?

The up-front price of laser vision correction can seem higher, but it’s important to remember that, in most cases, this surgery eliminates the need for the ongoing expense of buying and wearing contact lenses. This makes the overall LASIK costs more appealing in the long term.

With each option having its own pros and cons, it will ultimately be up to you to decide which vision correction method offers the most benefits and the best quality of life. When you schedule a consultation with ADV Vision Centers, you will receive all of the information you need about the different types of eye surgery and LASIK price to help you make an informed decision.

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